The goats are out, now what?

So the goats were out, roaming about the island. How do you capture goats? We have no idea, this was very out of our wheelhouse. And the goats weren't in a nice area. Right next to a lake crawling with huge 12-16' alligators. Swarming mosquitoes, no see ums, scorpions Also very grumpy water moccasins, rattlesnakes, and generally an area you don't want to go to. Did we mention the giant alligators? We spent the next two days trudging through the island, trying to find them. The goats were very distrustful of us, having never met us(their mommy must have told them to never talk to strangers). It was at this point we learned a valuable lesson, goats are quick, and crafty. As soon as they saw us, they would bolt back into the woods. The neighbors saw the goats, and would call us with a location. No sooner would we get there, they'd be gone, and a call from the opposite side of the island. Quick little buggers.

Somehow, miraculously we got them back, and put the fear of God into anyone who left the gate open .