In Tennessee, it is illegal to purchase raw milk for human consumption directly from a farm or store. However, there is now a law that allows the sale of raw milk by herd share. You may be wondering what on earth is a herd share?
It's pretty simple. A herd share is a membership. It allows you to get raw milk from "your own cows" by making you a partial owner of our herd of cows. Yep, it's a membership to a cow. Pretty ingenious, right?

The great part about having a "membership" to a cow rather than owning one, is you simply have to pay a "boarding fee" for us, the farmers, to take care of the cows. The "boarding fee" is what your milk actually costs per week. Getting 1 gallon per week? Cool! Your cost is $8 per week. Getting a half gallon per week? You pay $5 per week. It's so much simpler than you trying to figure out how to feed, house, and care for a family milk cow. Let us take the guess work out of the equation. Herd share = membership =  milk;  without the direct responsibility/care of the animal weighing on you.