Herd share options

Print the agreement below, fill it out and email it back to us. Please include in the email your name, how much milk you would like to get each week,which drop you are interested in and further questions you may have!

Bill of Sale and Herd Boarding Agreement

This agreement between Ben and JoAnna Bleasdale of Orchard House Creamery (seller) and ___________________________ (buyer) is entered into on _________________________.

The buyer purchases ______ share(s) in our herd of cows at Orchard House Creamery™ at $50 per full share, or $30 per half share, $100 per All Access Pass giving buyer limited interest, shared with others of co-ownership in the herd. THIS FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE.  The buyer understands that the seller retains a majority interest in the shares of this herd.  The buyer does not obtain any interest or rights to the calves that are birthed in this herd.  Furthermore, the buyer understands that he/she has no rights concerning the day to day operations involving the herd, or any decisions made by the seller regarding its maintenance, housing, pasturing, or health care.  The seller retains the right to make all such decisions, as well as decisions deemed necessary regarding the purchasing or disposing of any animals in the herd.

The buyer agrees to pay a weekly fee of $10.00 (Or $6 for half shares, the price of $8/gallon for All Access Pass customers purchasing 2+ gallons/week) for the care and boarding of the cows.  Buyer is entitled to receive a proportional share of the milk produced by the herd as long as their fee is paid.  The buyer has discussed and agreed to the delivery option with the seller.

The buyer may visit the herd as arranged with the seller.  Seller will offer reasonable educational opportunities for the buyer to understand and appreciate the herd and dairy farming.

Buyer’s assumption of Risks and Waiver of Claims:  Buyer understands and acknowledges that there may be risks of harm encountered in consuming raw milk; in visiting and/or interacting with the Herd and/or animals that may be found in the vicinity, in visiting or entering upon the type of premises where the Herd is found; and in being on the same premises as the types of equipment, tools, etc. that are likely to be found upon the type of premises where the Herd is found.  By signing this agreement, the Buyer hereby knowingly and voluntarily assumes the risk of any and all such harm and also waives any and all right to make, file, or pursue any claim, demand, suit, action, cause of action, damages, etc. against Seller or any of Seller’s agent, employees, lessors, lessees, vendors etc. that arises out of or relates to any harm encountered or caused, in whole or in part, by, consuming raw milk; visiting and/or interacting with the Herd and/or other animals that may be found in the vicinity of the Herd; visiting or entering upon the premises where the Herd is found, or encountering equipment, tools, etc. that are found upon the premises where the Herd is found.

Dated: _______________                         Buyer (sign)__________________________________Email:_______________________

Seller: _________________________           Buyer: (print)