It all started...

with one cow and a stainless steel milk bucket. It has grown into one of the largest raw jersey cow milk herd share programs in the state of Tennessee, serving 9 cities from Chattanooga to Cookeville.

Ben and JoAnna Bleasdale own and operate this small farm. They pour their passion for cattle and love of serving people into each jar of milk that leaves the farm. Their cows, milk and customers are managed with care and consideration. For more information, check out our delivery schedule page and find a drop location near you. You can also read our herd share agreement page to see how our herd share program works.


We currently have 37 jersey cows in our herd. We selected jersey cows for their calm disposition and high butterfat content. Their diets consists of grass on the pastures and free choice high quality hay year round. We are 100% grass fed! When the pastures are in season, we graze our cows rotationally, giving them access to fresh paddocks of grass every day. This keeps the grass tall and tasty and the cows happy!