How we got started

Ben Bleasdale

How did we get started milking? Well it all happened over 20 years for me. We sure didn't know what we were getting ourself into. Before thanksgiving, my parents had found a farm near us that had retired dairy goats. We picked out two, but decided to pick them up after thanksgiving. Thanksgivings were spent at my grandparents dairy farm in Pennsylvania. Playing in the dairy barn, playing outside in the snow, eating too much pumpkin pie.

We returned from Pennsylvania to bring our dairy goats home. Our life was a little different then. We lived in a large fancy house in a nice island subdivision in central Florida right next to the St. John's river.  We put the goats in there area, feeling quite happy with our new purchase.

  Later on, grandpa(who had raised goats years before) stopped over to check out the goats. As soon as the gate was open...... ZOOM. The goats pushed past him and ran away into the huge woods/forest/swamp.  And thus began our ordeal to find them