December Specials!


December discount and gift options!

1. Waiving herd share fees!
That's right. If you are a new customer (or an existing customer adding on!), we will be completely waiving herd share fees for the whole month of December! So the pesky $50 dollar herd share fee? Gone!

2. Get a discount for you AND a friend!
Got a friend interested in raw milk? Tell them about the sale this month! If your friend signs up, we'll waive their herd share AND give you a $30 discount on your own monthly fees! Send us an email below about who you referred!

TWO pay in advance discount options! (These are a wonderful way to bless a friend or family member with the gift of raw milk!)

6 months advance: You get the milk for $7.75/gallon!

1 year advance:
You get the milk for $7.50/gallon!